3 Tips to Stay in the Moment

So much time is spent planning the perfect wedding day and within a few hours, it’s all over. It’s common for couples to say that the day just flies by – some even wish they could bottle it up and save it for later. Your wedding album is something that helps you savor the memories forever. Here are three fun tips to stay in the moment during your big day, from the perspective of a wedding photographer:

Ground Yourself

Get up twenty minutes earlier than you had planned to center yourself by doing a mini-visualization; picture your day. Allow the feelings of excitement, anticipation, and nervousness to move through your body. Simply notice them, don’t attach any meaning. Just allow them to exist. This practice will ground you and calm down your nervous system in order to prepare you for the day ahead.

Preplan and Partner

In your pre-planning, make sure you’re working with partners who can see and get behind your vision — like partnering with the right photographer. It’s important for your wedding team to be full of supportive people who can help you be at your best. You want to trust that your photographer is experienced, understands your needs, and can bring out the best version of yourself. It’s important that your photographer recognizes the vision you and your fiancé have in mind. This way, they can help create spaces for moments you will authentically enjoy when looking back at your wedding photos.

It’s Like Raiain on your Wedding Day…

You learn it’s going to rain on your wedding day – don’t worry! Any weather is good weather. Part of being in the moment on your wedding day is being open to unexpected circumstances and accepting them. Rain or any other weather event represents an opportunity to create something visually that you would not have been able to get on a sunny day. For instance, reflections on surfaces, getting to use brightly colored umbrellas, or even the simple beauty of raindrops on windows. When thinking about your wedding day, also imagine your plan B and surround yourself with people you trust to help you — rain or shine. It’s all about your perspective and how you look at things.

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