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Let’s talk About MD Wedding Photographers Jax Photography

We are Jay and Jacqueline. This is us on our wedding day!

Yes, we brought our cameras! We are hopeless romantics and wedding photographers who are addicted to telling real love stories of couples just like you. When we are not traveling the world telling stories of love and life or meticulously retouching and printing art for your home…

MD wedding photographers on one of the happiest days of their life


Some more information About Jax Photography

We can often be found watching sunrises on a quaint beach on the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland, in a little town just south of DC with our Jack Russell, named Tiger. We have adopted quite a few friends we have made along the way. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Sharing your special day. And seeing the look on your face the first time you see your handmade album? Priceless!

Jacqueline and Jay

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We are open to collaboration with magazines, web portals, creative agencies and anyone close to the charming world of photography and art. If you are interested, just let us know.





Documentary weddings elopements intimate portraits

Welcome to Jax Photography. Take a breath, let's relax and hang out, get to know you a little. Meet Jacqueline and Jay DC and Maryland based wedding photographers who collaborate with you to create real intimate story telling images unique to who you are and printed art for your home. As print artists, we create hand made printed art for amazing people anywhere in the world. We specialize in one of kind story telling images and print making. We give you what you and your children and your children's children will remember. We are all about creating authentic real art. You will never see us copy another photographer's work, so please do not ask. We love helping you to relax, overcome your photo phobias if you have them, and feel something real, and remember. We help you create art for you home from incredible moments and experiences in your life. As trusted advisers we help guide you along the way. We are there for you. Not as your official wedding planner but as trusted advisers. With more than 20 years experience in our relationship we also know a little something about love marriage and relationships and how it grows. We look forward to being there and growing with you.

We value you

We value everything real. We love who you are as people and encourage you to just be yourselves. For the times where we do more formal portraits, we'll teach you to pose naturally to enhance your natural assets. No weird, silly pet tricks, or awkward poses. Jacqueline was a professional model throughout college, it paid for school with no debt, and has studied the old masters of posing. She believes who you are is naturally beautiful and helps you enhance your natural and best assets. With simple and easy flowing adjustments that encourage you to just be you. We love road trips and will go to any destination with you too. Let's see something new together, make a memory, create.

Engagements get to know you

Engagement sessions or as we like to call them, "get to know you" sessions are our fun time. We let our hair down and so do you. We love taking the time to get to know you and build connections. Let's have some laughs and help you get rid of your photo jitters. We use our sessions to help you and us prepare for your wedding day. The more we can help you relax and feel comfortable with us, the more intimate beautiful and real your images are.

Destination photography

We love adventure and will go literally almost anywhere with you to create a wonderful experience and great art for your home. Want some help with your planning or all of it. We are happy to help. We thrive off spending time with crazy adventurous souls. Let's go.

the real you

We are so happy you found us. We love seeing you and showing you how beautiful you are. We also love showing the connection you have with each other and the world around you. And my favorite moment is when we place hand made art we created for you in your hands and you smile, laugh and cry.

story tellers

We are documentary storytellers, and we are very interested in getting to know you and who you are. We consider investing our time getting to know the real you as an important part of telling your story. Knowing and understanding your real feelings helps us to create images that truly represent you at this point in your lives. Years will pass, you will grow together, change. People will pass. We want to show your real emotions and feelings documenting who you are and your love and relationships in a time capsule for you of who you are right now.

let's collaborate

We don't take images we create them. We get to know you understand you and get you. We also educate you so you feel relaxed and know what to expect. Then we pay attention and wait for decisive moments. After we create images our job has only begun. After we create images the real art begins. We work with you to determine which images make your heart sing the most and make you feel and remember. We help you choose the best paper for a particular image or collection of images for your walls and keepsake albums. We perfectly hand retouch every image in a very natural way before. We hand print images at our studio and also work with the finest printers in the world and have developed relationships with them too so your images withstand the test of time with archival papers and be hand printed perfectly.

Simple and easy can be beautiful

We are living proof that a wedding can be planned, be perfect, and beautiful in 8 days. We will help you, just give us a call. We'll help you plan and support you with as little or as much help as you need. And we will go anywhere in the world to help you make your wedding dreams come true. Let's elope!

Your wedding adventure

Your story anywhere! Small intimate events with just the two of you or a few friends and family, to grand occasions. Elope or bring everyone. We will be with you.
As your destination wedding experts, we will make your wedding dreams come true literally anywhere in the world. As a wedding journalist and flight attendant for over 15 years we know a little something about travel. We are here for you to help you make your destination wedding a fun, smooth and enjoyable adventure. We help you with planning, scouting, and envisioning to make your day fun and seamless. We are not your wedding planners. But, we work with you as your wedding advisers and coaches. We help you with our years of travel experience with thoughtful and honest advise. Your perfect destination wedding is a collaborative effort through your entire experience. We help you make your destination experience an incredible event. Your only limitation is your imagination.


  • We Work Internationally  Jax Does Destination Weddings

    • Jax travels wherever you want to go. We photograph brides on destination engagement and wedding shoots, and elopements around the country – and the world.
  • Decades of Experience

    • Jax has been mastering the wedding photography business since 2000. With a finely tuned approach and a passion for what we do. We create art from the love and magic of weddings in finished printed pieces for your home.
  • Keeping it real

    • Our images are intimate, emotional, real and raw. Some are breath-taking, scenic beauty, but others are about simple human feelings, connections. One image can show everything about love and relationships. We strike cords that show the essence of who you are. We see the things the things that matter and help you never forget.


  • Industry Trusted

    • We work closely with some of the most respected professionals in the wedding industry. We pride ourselves on connecting our brides with the best experts available.
  • We Honor Love

    • We truly care about capturing the one-of-a-kind connection that flows between the couples we photograph. Because Jax is a husband-and-wife duo, we know how important it is to let love guide our process.
  • We Care About Our Brides and We Cherish Relationships

    • At Jax, we view our brides as so much more than a one-time customer. We develop lasting relationships with many of our clients and do everything we can to enhance their wedding experience.
  • High-Quality Images

    • Our finished product reflects the heart and soul of our work and the vision of our brides and grooms. Our images intensely portray love, hope, and faith and will last a lifetime.
  • We work with the best in the industry to create one of a kind albums that are eco friendly and last generations.
  • Flexible to Your Needs  Custom Packages Available

    • We work closely with our clients to develop a custom package that suits their unique needs. We like to stay flexible so that our brides get the experience they dream of.
  • We archive images for life