Belief #1 Moments are fleeting. Creating real art and real stories that are uniquely you are a collaborative effort between the subject and the artist. Having a connection and taking the time to truly get to know and understand each other as a client and artist is paramount in creating real authentic images, and stories that go beyond the ordinary surface of things. We want to make you feel something. Creating art for your home that is heartfelt and lasting for you, and your family and future generations is the center of what we do. It is our goal to help you relax and just be yourself throughout your wedding planning and your wedding day, and create art for your home that helps you smile and remember every day. It is our honor to create art that becomes an integrated important part of your life. Belief #2 We believe that businesses should give back to their communities first and that the print is part of the art. Our work is not complete until we have retouched finished and printed our work for you. We are print artists.We are obsessed with the art of printing and giving back to our community, first, before profit. Because of this we give one percent of all print sales before profit back to our community as a commitment to you and making the world a better place. So each time we make a print, framed piece of art, or custom album for your home, you can also feel good about making a difference in our community in addition to supporting us and our art. There’s something really special about holding a hand made album printed by your artist in your hands that is one of a kind, or looking at a piece of art your artists created especially for you from start to finish. There’s also something special about knowing you are also helping to make the world a better place by supporting their art and having your artist create for you from start to finish. Yes, we are a studio that does all of it’s own printing. No we do not provide printable files for you to make prints it’s part of what we do for you, so please don’t ask. Our work in not completed until it is retouched and printed. Print, albums and museum quality pieces for your walls is part of our art and part of our service for you. And we work hard to make sure that prints are made with the most environmentally friendly inks and processes. Completing our work and printing sustain-ably is among one of our most important beliefs. We believe that the print is part of the art and how our work is printed matters. We are very proud to be a custom print art studio. We are happy to share for social media though as that is fun, as long as our work is protected and we are credited for our trademarked work. Belief #3 We believe in taking care of our environment and doing our best to leave the world better than we found it. Both our studio and home is powered by 100% clean energy. We recycle. We do carbon offsets. We educate everyone we can on recycling. All of our batteries are rechargeable and we refurbish older camera batteries.We encourage others to do this and to recycle and take the time to learn about recycling everywhere we go. We also are constantly looking for ways to lessen our footprint. We hand print in studio when we can using environmentally friendly inks and papers and partner with printers and companies who make sustainability a priority. We believe in sustainability, and learning to live this way is important to us in both our business and personal lives. We have many options of recycled and earth friendly inks and papers and are constantly looking for ways to lessen our footprint. Belief #4 No bride or groom should ever have to go into their wedding day ever having to worry about looking pretty or handsome in their images. We work with you to help you feel comfortable and confident in front in front of the camera. We are your relaxation and photo coaches. Everyone is amazing and beautiful and we can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are as we work as your modeling coaches. Belief #5 We believe in love. Sometimes you find it in the most unusual of ways, when you least expect it. We believe in respecting all love. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing two souls that have found home in each other, the comfort in just knowing. It inspires us. It’s more than words, we can see it in your eyes. We believe love is the only thing that is true, real, and lasting, and the one thing you can take with you. Belief #6  We believe in helping love grow. Love is a little like tending your garden. We care about it and you having a beautiful relationship very much. We believe that printed art in your home of your love and relationships helps nurture and protect your relationships as a visible symbol and reminder you can feel and touch. Photography helps you feel and remember. It protects you, and helps you. We love seeing you thrive just as much as we care about the planet and our own relationships. When you are in love wherever you go people see it and feel it. Face it, your love makes the world a better place! So we care very much about it and you. We want to watch you have a successful beautiful relationship that visibly grows. We want to see it grow bloom and bear fruit.  Before you plant a garden though you must do a little planning. Check your soil, make sure it has the nutrients it needs, constantly care for it and then nurture it. Sometimes you need to even reach out and ask for little help when you need it if you don’t have all the answers. No one gave us an instruction book to the perfect marriage or for life for that matter. Though many have tried. That’s where we come in and the people who you surround yourself with. The love support and help of your friends and family. The people you care most about and who matter to you. They are your complimentary plantings who help protect you against pesky bugs and other things that will come your way. They weather you from the storms of life and you nurture and protect each other. If you have read this far and like what you feel. You are our perfect clients and we look forward to being friends for life. Call us right now before we are booked on your date and we can begin this amazing part of your adventure together. Love and hugs Jacqueline and Jay  410 257 7360 410 231 7645.  Jax Photography


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