4 Enchanting Benefits of Having a Destination Engagement Shoot

  So, you’re engaged – congratulations!   Your timeline is becoming shorter with every passing day. You’ve recently become engaged and your wedding is officially on the horizon. There are butterflies in your stomach and you’re basking in the glow of excitement for the future.  We know you’ve also begun planning and saturating yourself with all the details (your growing list of to-dos). Of course, engagement and wedding photography sessions are top of mind! We know, finding the right photographer can seem like a daunting task.   Through trust, flexibility, and years of building our expertise, we’ve made it so easy for our clients to choose us! With our custom packages, whimsical details, and ability to shoot your session anywhere in the world, we’ve got you completely covered.   We wanted to focus on something a little bit different for this blog – something to spark the adventure-lover within. Warmer weather is upon us, and it’s bringing bold, vibrant florals, lush greens, cool breezes, and brilliant sunsets. Spring and summer are definitely seasons for lovers. And you can feel yourself being drawn to the excitement of romantic getaways, new adventures, and without even knowing it you are being drawn to lifetime’s worth of first experiences and shared memories that shape your beautiful lives together. The you that is now two.   Imagine taking your special getaway a step further. Imagine forever, the love, wonder, awe, and excitement you both are feeling right now shared on your trip is strategically and lovingly placed throughout your home, with art on your walls, custom mini books,albums little custom collections in your entry ways to make you smile each time you come home. This is the good stuff. The stuff you surround yourself with that helps you remember. This is your world and you are building it together and it is anything you can envision. Imagine someone hosting your engagement shoot in a setting you only ever thought you could dream of. Imagine, for the rest of your lives, having one-of-a-kind photos telling the story of a trip that changed your lives. And helped you start your weding planning journey and lives in an epic way.   Destination engagement shoots are such a privilege for us at Jax Photography to partake in. They are, time and again, some of the most intimate and joyful shoots we’ve experienced. We encourage all couples to consider such a sacred opportunity.   Here are four enchanting benefits every couple will experience should they choose to have a destination engagement shoot:  

  1. You’ll Bring Out the Best in Each Other

Vacations have a way of lulling us into a subtle bliss; everything around us is a bit more magical, if not altogether awe-inspiring. After a few days at your destination, stress levels decrease, endorphins soar, and thirst for adventure is at an all-time high. Plus, you start to feel really good about yourself after a little time away from the usual grind. A few days of alone time with your partner can make you feel like you’re in puppy-love all over again.   New sensations and romance in the air will show you both the best sides of your love. There’s no better moment to preserve and showcase your union for all your family and friends to see.  

  1. You’ll Forge a Bond of a Lifetime

Traveling is an experience every couple should consider embarking upon. The benefits it offers your relationship are just undeniable. Regardless of where your destination is, traveling requires that we completely trust and care for our partners in new ways. It can actually strengthen your relationship, too! Without a doubt,  it creates a special lasting bond that neither of you will share with another.   Plus, immersing yourselves in the beauty and wonder of another environment will draw you both closer together. Date nights take on an entirely new meaning as you indulge in the most delicious cuisines and unforgettable views. If you’re traveling internationally, you get to witness your love navigate through unfamiliar cultures and customs, curiously and joyfully. When you work as a team in a new place, you might find your fondness and admiration for one another deepen by the day.  

  1. You’ll Capture Your Adventurous Love Authentically

When you’re on vacation, all defenses are down. You’re enjoying every wonderful moment with your love. You’re well-rested, curious about each new moment, and feeling so inspired by your surroundings.   It’s in these moments that you show your most authentic selves; relaxed and simply in love. Playing on the beach, laughing at the outdoor market under a setting sun, picnicking under a shady tree after a hike – the opportunities for authentic, beautiful images are completely endless! There is no better way to express true love through a photograph than for the couple to be genuinely in love – in that very moment.    

  1. You’ll Have a One of a Kind Engagement Session

It might go without saying, but an engagement shoot really is the best way to ensure your photos are truly magical and one of a kind. This is so important to us because we believe your love is one of a kind. Not only will your photos stand apart from the rest, but friends and family will be genuinely interested in hearing about your experience. By forever documenting your adventure, you’ll be letting your loved ones into your lives in a special, intimate way.   The bonus? You’ll cherish the memories of your engagement shoot for so many years to come. Not only did you share your love with the world, but you built so many other intoxicating, sensuous experiences around it.     Destination engagement shoots are a perfect way to highlight your love naturally without sacrificing charm or romance. We help our couples bring their engagement story to life flawlessly with the help of gorgeous settings, light-hearted atmospheres, and your love of adventure guiding the way. Where in the world is your love story taking you?   We’d love to join you!  

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