The Bride’s List of 10 Common Wedding Worries and simple techinques to transform your wedding worries to a happy wedding mind (Part 1)

Relax your wedding worries away: curating a Happy wedding mind


There’s almost nothing more stressful than feeling both excited and nervous about the event you’ve waited for your entire life. The excitement for your wedding day wants so badly to take over but… you might have some nagging concerns or worries that you just can’t seem to quiet down. Because we’ve worked closely with so many brides on and before their wedding days, we know just what you might be going through – and we’re going to help!


Read on for some of the most common wedding-day worries brides of all kinds seem to share. We’ve included our own quick, simple tips for shedding stress and relaxing into bliss!


Wedding Day Worry 1: “My Relatives Might Embarrass Me”

Brides spend hours, days even, fantasizing about how the events of their wedding days will actually play out. Stress can bring those screeching fantasies to a halt though when you start thinking about how much your loud aunt loves champagne, or how rowdy your sister’s kids are. Imagining worst case scenarios (like a sentimental toast gone weepy and about, twenty minutes too long) will only stress you out. For each moment you have a worry flash through your mind,   counter it by thinking about one of those person’s best qualities. Envsion her doing someting really nice at your wedding instead that give you a happy thought.


Wedding Day Worry 2: “Certain Guests Will Not Get Along”

This is a common worry brides face when bringing together an extended group of family and friends who may have a muddied history or no histories with one another at all. It can surely be stressful wondering about the “what-if’s” but the reality of the situation is that everyone there, no matter their differences, has something in common: their love for you! So resist the urge to meddle, or separate (unless a very clear request has been made by a guest), and trust that your family and friends will honor your day as you wish. It is appropriate to have a short and caring convo with the guests that have you less-than-convinced that a peaceful reception is possible. Your wedding photographers can also help you if you make them aware of your concerns by  helping with awkward group shots and helping people feel special.


Wedding Day Worry 3: “My Guests Won’t Be Impressed or Entertained”

You’ve spent months, and perhaps years, planning this affair to reflect the love you have for your soon-to-be spouse. This day simply isn’t about anyone’s opinions other than your own. Honor your commitment to your love and an authentic wedding by reminding yourself that your friends and family love you. If your wedding is a true reflection of your wishes, they’re bound to love it, too! Focus and think about what is uniquely lovely and special about your day and look forward to that.

Wedding Day Worry 4: “I’ll Have a Wardrobe, Hair, or Makeup Malfunction”

Feeling confident in your hair, makeup, and wardrobe choices come down to preparation before the ceremony. Most great stylists and tailors will offer their brides a practice run-through or two before the big day. This allows time for alterations on the gown and feedback on the hairstyles and makeup applications. The better you feel about your overall look before your wedding day the less likely you are to stress about something going wrong. You can even schedule a preshoot with your photographer so you can see how beautiful you are in images to build your confidence. And feel what it is like in your wedding gown.The more things you can create that give you a feeling of ok I feel comfortable with this, this the more it will help you relax. Invest in a photographer who is very experienced and knows how to help you boost your confidence and help you breathe.


Wedding Day Worry 5: “I’m Not Sure I Can Rock the Down-the-Aisle Walk”

This is a worry that runs through the minds of virtually every bride we’ve worked with. The walk down the aisle truly does put the spotlight on the bride. It’s your time to shine! Master your walk with practice and coaching from a good friend or experienced industry professional (like us!). As a professional model we can help you feel comfortable in your shoes and dress before your big day. We can help you Maste your walk, and most of all, own your confidence and this moment – it only happens once! Also, if you open up and share your nervous feelings with whoever walks you down the aisle that can help. Sometimes just sharing your feelings can ease your wedding nerves.


Wedding Day Worry 6: “My Photographer Won’t Capture All The Right Moments”

The very best wedding photographers are trained to spot special moments throughout the ceremony that even you might miss. While the worry is valid (you want to remember everything, after all!), we’ve worked with countless brides who have felt more at ease just after speaking with us. As you look for your wedding photographer, you’ll get a sense for who just gets your vision – and you’ll trust them to capture your best moments. Find someone you really click with who you can have very good communication with it will help you to relax and be open so they can intuitively learn things you will love as your eyes for the day. Great communication is everything. Look at their story telling style. Does their way of shooting speak to the story you feel in your heart about your day. If it does then you can relax and look forward to what they create for you. After years of experience, we have an eye for magic!


Wedding Day Worry 7: “I Won’t Like How I Look in Our Pictures”

Posing for photographs is not something that comes naturally to many people, even in the age of selfies. Everyone has their best angle though, and a right wedding photographer will help you find yours! We work with our brides before and during their weddings so that they feel confident and comfortable with us in front our lenses in time for the big day. We capture your best sides in your most natural, loving moments!


Wedding Day Worry 8: “My Nerves Will Get the Best of Me”

This worry is applicable to all brides, grooms, and nearly everyone in the wedding party. Everyone wants to make sure that they’re giving their all to contribute to one fantastic celebration. When you imagine your big day, and you start to feel a little nervous, practice positive self-talk. Instead of playing into the nerves, tell yourself you’re going to be amazing, beautiful, carefree and confident. A little mental coaching can go a long way – and you’ll feel more confident on the day of!


Wedding Day Worry 9: “I’ll Get Pulled in Too Many Different Directions”

We’ve spoken to many brides who, in the heyday of wedding planning, can’t imagine the day itself being as peaceful as they’d like. We encourage our brides to  have a plan for self-care to make sure it does. Weeks before the wedding, delegate tasks to family and friends to help keep your work on the day of as light as possible. Solicit a friend to be your emergency “out” if conversations with guests seem to stretch on. But even more importantly schedule sacred space time into your day for you and intimate moments with people you love. Have scheduled moments in the dayy where you and your honey can break away for a few quiet moments alone and for othert people who are special to you like you best friend or granmom.


Wedding Day Worry 10: “My Wedding Won’t Go Perfectly”

As perfectionists ourselves, we understand the desire for this magical day to go as smoothly as possible. In most realistic cases, they do! While you can’t control everything – and for the sake of enjoying your day, you don’t want to – you can find peace in your day. Understand that weddings are amazing all on their own; you’re joining hands for life with the person you love and cherish most. The planning, organizing, inviting? All of those things make your wedding extra amazing. So, it’s okay if a few things go awry here and there – remeber – the heart of the wedding is you!



Have you experienced any of these wedding day worries? You’re definitely not alone! We’d love to hear more about you. Please contact us to share your engagement and wedding planning story with us. Plus, explore our custom wedding photography packages!