International Women’s Day

To all our brides, past, present, and future (and to all the women who support them, moms, sisters, the maids and matrons of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, aunties, and MOSTLY the grandmothers)

Happy International Women’s Day, today and every day

Women’s eyes help them to see more than the periphery

When trouble comes, they befriend and help people begin again

They know how to love

They know how to help

They know how to gather

and the importance of breaking bread together

They know how to hear with their heart and not just their head

They seek peace over war

value the needs of others

Women are brave, tenacious, and fearless, especially for those they love

Women can see for many generations

They value their authentic self

Women are fearless they don’t conform

They partner with those who are like-minded

They believe in others

They and you can make the world a better place

Believe in yourself

You are strong



Women – Love