Tip of the week to start your new year

Enjoying life and wedding planning on a positive note.

Ok, so it’s the new year…a new time to begin again…a time to reflect and think about the coming year with excitement.

Put away old things from the year before that might not have worked like stressing about your wedding.

I love this time of year with toasty fires and a little time to rest my roots. Think about all the amazing possibilities personally and for our couples, the ones we are so lucky to be on a wedding journey with.

Thinking of the year ahead and my goals for the year I am definitely including more me time.

I practiced doing this intentionally over the holiday break and I found an incredible boost in creativity and just the way I felt overall.

I thought about how this could translate to helping my brides, the difference it would make for them to just take a little me time.

So my tip of the week, and the year, and my challenge for you in the new year is think about planning in you time as you are doing your wedding planning.

If you are not used to it set a goal to try doing this for a week. It could be as simple as setting a time every day for tea time…

Thinking intentionally and slow down to make tea and spend a little you time with a snugly blanket to enjoy it. Really enjoy it.

Happy New Year  Everyone!

I’m looking forward to an amazing year with all of you!

Happy wedding planning!