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The meaningful relationships we build with our brides allow us to illustrate every unique story through high-quality digital and print images.

We believe that love knows no bounds – we’ve traveled with brides to engagement and wedding shoots around the world. With over twenty years of experience as Maryland wedding photographers, we’ve helped literally hundreds of brides tell the story of their happily-ever-after.

Where does your story begin?

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Wedding photographers in Maryland who help you make it all about your experience.

A Maryland waterfront ceremony? From beginning to end, Maryland wedding photographers Jax Photography ensures that every one of our brides enjoys a five-star experience. From responsive, friendly communication and personal check-ins to expert wedding advice and beautifully curated locations, and albums, our brides get it all. We offer flexible, custom packages so you can choose an experience that’s perfect for you.
As photojournalists, we cover your story as it naturally unfolds all the laughter, nervousness, joy, and tears.
We see not only what is beautiful, but what is real.
We feel lucky you somehow found us.
We can’t wait to see the smile on your face, as we place your wedding album in your hands.
Choose an experience that’s perfect for you.
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Wedding photography is very important…

At Jax Photography, we view our brides as so much more than a one-time customer. We develop lasting relationships with many of our clients and do everything we can to enhance their wedding experience.  From backyard wedding photography in Annapolis MD for 300 guests to a mountain-top elopement for 10.

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We Deliver High-Quality Images-Custom hand made-Albums and Wall Art

Southern Maryland photographers

Our finished product reflects the heart and soul of our work and the vision of our brides and grooms. Our images intensely portray love, hope, and faith and will last a lifetime.

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OUR PHILOSOPHY as Trusted Wedding Photographers

Your MD Photographer’s Experience is a must

You are not like anyone else.  Your images should be one of a kind, unique and beautiful just like you. We believe in love and the magic of photography.   Based in Southern Maryland, we travel anywhere your heart goes. We are “all in” from the engagement photos (included in all wedding photography packages) all the way to the delivery of the finest handmade wedding album that you can imagine. Relax and just be yourself. We specialize in wedding photojournalism. We believe that most meaningful images happen when you forget we are there.  We look forward to helping you feel relaxed and empowered, and beautiful in photos.


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Wedding Photography Packages

There’s a reason people say their wedding flew by. But it does not have to be that way.  We can help you slow it down. You might even feel some moments where time stood still.  As part of our service, we help you create a timeline to give you more time to enjoy your day.

  • All couples receive custom hours of coverage perfect for getting ready all the way to the dancing.
  • 2 professional story tellers Jay and I as your eyes for the day.
  • A timeline planning, lighting, and details meeting, so your day goes off without a hitch and no one pushes you to rush.
  • A “get to know you” photo session with a professional model and photo coach to teach you your best angles and to build confidence. Posing guidance so you nail it every time.
  • Trusted advisers when you need them the most
  • Tips and advice throughout your wedding planning and as happily ever after friends
  • Wardrobe guidance so you always know what to wear to look great in photos.
  • A handmade custom memory box, epic handmade album, or printed wall art, that will last for generations.
  • a meeting after your wedding to help you with art in your home

Sound amazing? Get in touch! We will help you customize an experience that’s perfect for you.



Destination wedding elopement event photographers

Jax travels wherever you want to go. We photograph brides on destination engagement and wedding shoots around the country – and the world.

Destination Weddings are the BEST!


We are so happy you are here, reach out and say hi! We can’t wait to hear your story and get to know you.
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  • Take it from a bride who talked to multiple photographers before their wedding, your search needs to end here. It only took 5 minutes into my first meeting with Jay and Jacqueline to know we were a perfect match. Jackie — Maryland
  • Our day would not have been the same if they were not our wedding photographers. Warren–Maryland
  • The walls of our house are filled with photographs by Jax photography. It gives me joy to look at them and see those moments in time that were captured so perfectly. Fiona –Virginia
  • It really felt like we had a favorite aunt and uncle there with us throughout all of the wedding planning and on the wedding day. They are the best! Taynelle–Singapore
  • Every time I come home, I smile when I see the art they created for us on our walls. It really makes our house feel special and like home. They are so much more than photographers, they made us feel like treasured friends. Thank you. Nikki–DC

SOME Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s

Is Maryland the only place that Jax Photography will photograph a wedding?

No, it is not. We love shooting weddings in Annapolis and Baltimore and in Southern Maryland as well, but we are truly mobile and love to travel to wherever YOU are.

Is Elopement Photography a 'thing'?

Elopements are a great opportunity to dress up some of the more routine aspects of a wedding. You and your partner can write your own vows. Members of your wedding party may recite special readings that represent your relationship. Get creative with dress code, too, such as asking guests to wear all light colors. Try opting in for a non-traditional colored wedding gown that really pops. Catering the ceremony to blend in with the organic settings of your destination (marrying in a small, breezy hut in Bali, for instance).

Are wedding albums really important?

Hell yes, they are. The wedding album is a real, tangible, printed representation of all your wedding planning, love, and every decision you made along the way. Once that dinner's over, the cake has been eaten, and the music has stopped playing; what you have left are the memories. The best way to represent those memories is a printed album.

What are THREE 'Can't Miss' Destination Wedding spots?

It is virtually impossible to go wrong with Bali, Greece, or London... OR in a pinch Las Vegas