Hello beautiful! We know that you have been dreaming about your wedding day  since you were a little girl. We are willing to bet that you haven’t been dreaming of “cheapest wedding photography” since you were a little girl.  We are here to help you not only make your wedding dreams come true but to help you relax and be truly present and enjoy your wedding day. We are already imagining your story as it naturally unfolds all the joy, smiles, nervousness and tears. Real story telling and true creative art happens when as artists we take the time to truly get to know you human to human and understand you. We create connections with you so we know and understand you and your feelings, who you are, and express them in our work. You are not like anyone else and your images should be one of a kind, unique and beautiful just like you. We believe in love and the magic of photography. We also believe that most beautiful meaningful images happen when you forget we are there and you let you guard down and just be yourself. We look forward showing the real you, all your beautiful parts. The parts that people don’t often get to see. You are fabulous and glamorous but you also have a shy side, a nervous side and a determined side. We want to show the way you curl your nose that he so fell in love with and his reaction to it when he sees you. And how it felt. Congratulations! We are so happy you are here, reach out and say hi! We can’t wait to hear your story and get to know you. Jacqueline and Jay   dc wedding photography dreams come true for brides