Let it rain
Running Hare Vineyard Southern Maryland

Rain on your wedding day…

There are ways to make the best of RAIN and ensure that your special day stays special. With a few simple adjustments and some creative solutions, you can make sure that rain on your wedding day is nothing more than a memory! Embrace the weather and find creative ways to make it fun and memorable. You can also enjoy being outside and use the rain to your advantage.

Even if it rains on your wedding day, don’t let the mood dampen. Instead of lamenting about what could have been a perfect scenario, choose to be optimistic and you will still be able to have an enjoyable experience with all the lovely people who have arrived from near and far to celebrate with you. Bust out the JAX RED umbrellas and get creative with it by splashing in puddles, writing each other’s names in the wet ground, having a romantic kiss under the evening sky, or even turning your outdoor venue into a DIY water park. Wedding rain doesn’t have to be a bummer—it’s an opportunity to make memories and have jokes together. After all, if you can still smile during a torrential downpour on what should be the happiest day of your life, then it means you are ready for anything that will come your way!


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