5 Important Things to Do After Your Wedding: An Ultimate Guide for Happily Ever After 

You said your vows, threw an epic party, and now, after all those months of planning, you’re finally married. Post Wedding!  Phew! You’ve earned some well-deserved R&R. But don’t get too cozy into married life just yet. There are still a few final things you’ll need to do post wedding. Check out these tips to help set you up for success in your new everyday married life.

  1. Send thank-you notes

Though most couples dread handwriting 200 personal thank-yous, you’ll want to get started sooner rather than later. The general rule of thumb is to get your thank-yous out within the first two months of your marriage.

To tackle this seemingly unmanageable (and time-consuming) task, use the divide and conquer strategy. Setting just 15 minutes aside each day where both you and your spouse write thank-yous is the best way to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed with a pile of unwritten notes. It’s no one’s favorite part of the post-wedding process, but it’s an important gesture to show your appreciation.  By the way…Jax Photography carries a complete line of custom thank you cards that utilize eco-friendly inks and papers that YOU can help design.

  1. Update your information

If you decide to change your last name, you’ll need to update your information immediately. This includes updating your social security card, driver’s license, your employer, post office, bank, and your insurance records. Oh, and don’t forget to update your Facebook status too!

Once you receive your marriage license indicating your new last name in the mail, you’ll be on your way to making the switch officially.

  1. Figure out finances

Hopefully, you had the “money talk” in detail before you got married. Now, it’s time to put those plans into action. If you’re combining finances, head to the bank to file the necessary paperwork, and get new debit cards and checks made.

Revisit your household budget as well and discuss your new financial priorities. Oftentimes, before the wedding, all savings go toward the wedding. But now that it’s over, what are your new goals? Maybe you’re looking to pay down debt or refinance your student loans. It’s important you and your spouse regularly have this conversation to make sure you’re on the same page.

  1. Discuss house hunting

Marriage and a mortgage has been said to go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s completely normal to want to invest in a new space for your new family, but it’s also important to make sure you’re ready for the financial responsibility of owning a home. Check your credit score, use your budget to evaluate how much house you can afford, work with a professional, get approved early, and be prepared to compromise.

Looking to buy a home is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Getting a head start on the conversation will give you the best chance to plan.

  1. Plan something special

Last, but definitely not least, start planning something to look forward to, like an anniversary shoot with your favorite photographer or a trip to the destination of your dreams. Post-wedding blues are real, but creating new traditions and memories is an easy way to curve those feelings. Factor your ideas into your budget and soon, you’ll be counting down the days until the next celebration of your marriage.

The logistics of marriage after the wedding can be tricky, and maybe even a little overwhelming.  Use these tips to help you make a smooth transition into your happily ever after.