The Perks of Elopement No One Tells You About

Are you considering eloping over a more traditional wedding? Unpredictable COVID-19 spikes are making the decision to elope much easier for couples. While everyone wants to have the perfect wedding, what’s truly important is that you’re doing something special and memorable for the two of you.

If you’re thinking about eloping but still aren’t 100% convinced, here are some of the many perks of elopement that people may not have told you.

More Cost-Effective

While people might tell you that eloping is a more budget-friendly way to get married, they might not be fully explaining just how much less it actually is, AND explaining just how much an elopement can increase the enjoyment of your day and give you so many more great opportunities to create wedding photo art for your home of your dreams.

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Customize Your Experience

Often, people think of going to city hall or to Las Vegas when they think about eloping. But those aren’t your only options!

Eloping allows you to create a truly customized wedding experience, from location to outfits to who you want to bring with you. Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous and fly solo as just a couple OR have your immediate family and best friends with you. It’s your wedding after all!

Less Arguments

Planning a wedding can lead to tense conversations when it comes to making certain decisions. Both halves of the couple come to the table with their own unique visions and ideas of what their wedding will look like and include. Unfortunately, this can lead to intense arguments.

Eloping can help eliminate many of those arguments, especially around the number of guests. There are still decisions to be made, but those can be healthy conversations where you learn skills to move past disagreements and keep the love alive.

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Ability to Travel

Your elopement can be a destination event that gives you the excuse to visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. The possibilities are truly endless, whether you dream of a tropical beach, historic landmark or thrilling adventure. Another plus, you can say “I do” and already be in your honeymoon location!

Discuss some top destination wedding spots to choose something you both love. Then you can begin looking into marriage requirements in that location and make the necessary arrangements.

Less Stress

Another perk in choosing to elope is the fact that eloping is less stressful than planning a full traditional wedding. This is because you’ll have less choices to make, fewer expenses and you’re doing the elopement for yourselves, not anyone else.

Of course, there will still be stressful moments when eloping, since there are still things to plan and coordinate. However, you can use some tips to help you have a stress-free elopement and be as prepared as possible.

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Plan for Life After the Wedding

Probably one of the most important perks that comes with choosing to elope is the ability to focus on planning your life after “I do”. We’ve already discussed how much less expensive it is to elope, and that money you’re saving can instead be put toward your future as a couple.

If you need to buy a home, for example, you can use the money you’re saving on your wedding to help you get a mortgage preapproval and make the home buying process more smooth. Or, if you already own a home, you can save up for having kids, pay off pre-existing debt, make a contribution to your retirement or build up an emergency fund.

These are only a few of the many perks that come along with the choice to elope. In the end, the choice is yours and you should do what makes you and your partner happy. After all, it’s your day!