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Destination Weddings with JAX Photography

From the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean to a romantic castle in Scotland, destination weddings offer couples a unique way to celebrate their big day. To ensure your wedding photos turn out perfectly and capture the beauty of every special moment, Jax Photography has compiled some essential tips for planning a destination wedding.

Outline Your Photo Needs

It’s important to consider your photography needs when planning a destination wedding. What style of photography do you prefer? Are there certain people or moments you want captured? What kind of equipment will you need for the environment and lighting conditions? Taking the time to outline your photo needs will help ensure that everything turns out just right on the big day.

Research Potential Locations

Once you’ve decided your ideal locations, the key to getting stunning photos is doing some research. Look at sample photos from previous weddings, find out what type of conditions may be encountered, and determine any special considerations such as logistics or lighting. This will help ensure that your photographer has all the information they need to create perfect shots.

Portfolio of Relevant Photos From JAX

When you enlist the help of a wedding photographer for your destination wedding, be sure to review their portfolio thoroughly. Choose photos of weddings from similar sites and seasons to get an idea of what type of conditions may be present on your special day. Pay attention to the quality and detail in each photo, as well as any particular angle or location preferences that stand out. This will give you an indication of whether or not this photographer is up for the job!