destination photography weddings engagement bachelorette shoot party
destination photography weddings engagement bachelorette shoot party

Fashion photoshoot in the Netherlands with SANTE weddings

Thank you to our international destination wedding partner SANTÉ Weddings & Events for styling this AMAZING fashion photoshoot

While exploring the Netherlands, scouting for international destination wedding and engagement locations, Jax Photography were honored to take part in a fashion photoshoot that was featured in the Dutch on-line magazine Zankyou weddings.  This beautiful shoot, organized and styled by SANTÉ Wedding & Events, has the theme “A Midnight Summer” in combination with a Moroccan style. This is reflected in the beautiful decoration, make-up and clothing. The resulting shoot is a highly styled Bridal Shower, together with friends on the beach. This created a very relaxed atmosphere. Curious? Then look further!

A fashion photoshoot

A fashion photoshoot of relaxing with friends during a picnic & tea, sounds like a perfect bridal shower!  Is there anything better than a cup of fresh mint tea in your hands, surrounded by romantic candlelight and spending quality time with your friends in Moroccan style ?!

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with SANTÉ Wedding & Events and other creative people from all over the world! The jewelry is from Kyoung Kim, from South Korea. The dresses are from Apriy, Amsterdam. The photos taken by the photographers of Jax Photography, from America. With the opportunity to travel all over the world, it thrilled us to work with SANTÉ weddings and these top suppliers in the Netherlands! The result?  Beautiful!

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