Unexpected Benefits of planning and having a Small Wedding

Did you have a traditional wedding planned for the Summer or Fall of 2020? Did the Pandemic change your wedding plans? Now you don’t know what your plans are, or what day it is?

We can say from living through that same experience, When big wedding plans fall through, Planned Elopements absolutely ROCK!

It is completely acceptable (and now some say warranted) to shift the time-honored idea of what a wedding is supposed to be or the “wedding paradigm” from early afternoon church for 200 guests and then a dinner, dessert, and dancing to an intimate ceremony for the really super important people in your life, or JUST THE TWO of YOU.

A traditional wedding is JUST NOT FOR ME…is OKAY with us.

There’s two ways to approach this.


Having a new minimalist wedding can be amazing. Instead of it’s OLD traditional wedding meaning about the sparseness of table decorations or florals, or a really simple wedding dress, a new minimalist wedding means just the 2 of you, an officaiant, and a photographer/video.

the NEW MINIMALIST wedding is an intimate and very meaningful wedding experience.


Do you like Luxury? Well…if you’re NOT going to have the the traditional wedding with 185 of your family and friends eating all that chicken, drinking all that liquor, and their kids completely buzzing through contents of the candy bar (before dinner was even served), think about restructuring HOW those wedding dollars are spent.  Jax Photography wants to make sure that your wedding photography is the first thing that you put on the list of “I don’t have to worry about that…”

Not spending all that $$$ to feed all of those people, Think of the amazing home rental you could get for 2 or 3 days. It can either be just the 2 of you, or, if it’s a bigger place, 5 of 6 (or whatever the group is comfortable with) family members and/or really close friends.

Think of the personal chef you could hire. All that lobster or locally sourced vegan food! Expensive wine! Or an all organic sustainable wedding. Or fancy forks

Think about a whirlwind FLIGHT to VEGAS, staying atop Caesars Palace, or do a Caribbean or (if you aren’t ready to fly) a drive-to mountain or seashore getaway destination wedding.

the LAP of LUXURY wedding is ALSO an intimate and very special wedding experience.

The “new minimalist” is less expensive and allows you to bank the savings or perhaps use that money later for something you need or want, or you could always donate the money to a registered charity.

The “lap of luxury” is more expensive, but there could be some savings left over because a party for 8 should be WAY less than a party for 185.

Jax Photography is available for limited dates in the fall of 2020 and throughout the year in 2021 to document however you see YOUR wedding day. We can also plan EVERYTHING for you, and then you can simply show up, exchange your promises, have the most remember-able time of your life, and say I do.

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