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Elopement photography by JAX Photography is JAXELOPING. A smaller, more intimate wedding celebration that typically includes the bride and groom and documentation by JAX Photography. It's a great option for couples who want to have a more personal and meaningful wedding experience without the stress of a larger event.

Tell me some of the Benefits of ELOPING or JAXELOPING

One of the biggest benefits of Eloping is that it allows you to focus on what really matters - your love and commitment to each other. For many people who elope, zero guests can equal zero drama, allowing you to create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, focused on you and your partner. Great images are a bonus!

What's important when thinking about ELOPING?

When planning ANY wedding, it's important to focus on the details that matter most to you. This might include choosing a meaningful location, selecting a personalized menu, or incorporating special touches like personalized favors or a unique ceremony backdrop.

We want to get married TODAY. What are my choices?

OUR ANSWER? Washington DC. We can be there in an hour and a half. Obtaining a marriage license in the District involves just TWO STEPS. STEP 1. apply online ( STEP 2. go to the Marriage Bureau at the Moultrie Courthouse to show ID and pay the $45 fee ($35 for the application and $10 for a certified copy of the license). THAT’S IT. The District's three-day waiting period was officially eliminated in 2014, meaning the license will typically be issued the same day that you apply and you can marry immediately afterward. Bonus: Self-officiating marriages are legal in DC (and recognized everywhere else). You can do the whole thing yourselves, without even so much thinking about an officiant. The two of you would simply complete the above application process and submit your fee in person, then leave the courthouse premises to marry yourselves, and finally, return for the clerk’s signature to make it official. For more information, including links to the marriage license and officiant applications, visit the DC Courts website. ( DC has area that are perfect for your wedding, including private homes, gardens, parks, and small event spaces. You can also consider non-traditional venues like art galleries, museums, libraries, or even a favorite restaurant or brewery.

What should I wear?

When it comes to elopement attire, you can still dress up and look your best, but you may want to opt for a more casual or relaxed style. This might mean choosing a shorter or simpler wedding dress, or wearing a suit or dress pants instead of a tuxedo.