Woodlawn in Ridge MD, Home of Trinity Manor  c.1634

There’s something remarkably therapeutic about driving down a long dirt road.
Woodlawn, Ridge MD has one of my favorite dirt roads in Southern Maryland.  At the end of the mile long dirt road sits a historic home / wedding venue on a 400 year old property with 100 year old trees.

Amazing gardens with butterflies and bees

Just the front of the home and the long dirt road itself is a beautiful garden where butterflies and bees roam in the spring and summer would be enough but when you walk past the house and turn the corner your breathe is taken away by the most amazing beautiful tree and backyard with a view of the creek that makes you feel like you are in another world all together.

It’s the prefect spot for your wedding day…plenty of places to roam and even get a little lost in.  The on site accommodation have 7 suite rooms for the people you love and for wedding prep. Some in the main historic manor house with a beautiful Victorian feel with lovely vintage furniture and pretty lace curtains. Others in little private cottages on the property are perfect for your friends and have their own little peaceful getaway as well. The perfect place to get ready on your wedding day and have the perfect backdrop for intimate wedding portraits.

Make family and friends memories at Woodlawn in Ridge MD

With the option to stay the night before you can sit outside an view the stars and roast marshmallows. It gives you something that is beyond valuable more time with the people you love to make memories with your family and friends.

Waking up together there’s plenty of options for quiet moments together as a group or just to be with the view and often a gentle midst that hovers over the water and settles just above the creek.

There are even rocking chairs along the water to sit and dream and just be.



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