Happy Bride Happy Groom Happy Couple under the mulberry tree

Happy Bride

On Becca and Vinny’s wedding day, there were no wedding jitters, no stress, just a happy bride, a happy groom, and people full of smiles all day. The ease of a Happy Couple!

The long straight road through a path of wheat at Woodlawn Farm set the stage for the beginning of their wedding story.

I’ll never forget Vinny swaying back and forth and taking a deep breath and letting out a sigh as he watched Becca coming down the aisle to meet him under the mulberry tree.

I felt chills.

Perfect, just like the butterflies flying among the roses on the property, but real and honest.

We are always looking for that one moment. The moment you will never forget. The one that makes you remember and takes you back to your wedding day.

The image that is totally you and makes you feel the same breeze, the sun on the back of your neck, the smiles on all the faces, and the way your heart feels right now.

Happy Groom

Vinny is a pretty tough-looking guy from a distance. He runs about 6’2, easy. Very athletic, I would not want to mess with him in a fight.

If you saw Vinny on the street, you’d never guess that on his wedding day he was visibly shaking his head and smiling cheek to cheek like an open-hearted, giddy school boy, right after he put on Becca’s ring.

I’ll never forget the swaying from side to side, almost a little shy.

Becca was giggling.  Family and friends were giggling.  My heart jumped.

The Happy Couple

Vinny and Becca, the happy couple, have known each other since the second grade.

The two of them just naturally grew together, like branches on a tree, knowing how to have fun. They bend together, and move with the wind.

Maybe that’s what makes everything about them so easy. Perhaps part of it is the energy of the farm.

I will probably think of this moment every time I think of them, swaying and giggling under the mulberry tree at Woodlawn Farm.

I remember things and people in images that way.

It is usually one moment in my mind, now stopped in time that sticks out, and that’s how I remember them.

I often name images after these moments.

So this one I call with this ring, under the mulberry tree.

It’s such a special place…and such a special tree.

Experiencing this moment, and making a handmade print of it, for their home reminds me again, of why I am an artist, and why I choose to share my art through weddings.

This is the real reason we do weddings.  Happy couples.

Memories from Becca

“Our Venue, Woodlawn Farm, was not only was beautiful, but they had accommodations right on the property, that allowed us to all stayed on the property.  After a casual rehearsal, we loved getting to spend the night with everyone the night before. We had so much fun and I loved getting to wake up with my girls the day of the wedding.” Becca said.


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