Green Weddings

Southern Maryland brides are going green with these luscious locally grown flowers on their wedding day setting a fall style trend.

Who said that pretty can’t be green?

Earth friendly bouquets are in this fall and people are starting to change the way they think when planning their wedding!


Stylish, Savvy, brides are setting the trend in the wedding industry by making choices that are better for the environment and they are very excited about it.

Being a fall bride has it’s advantages. The weather is amazing and there are so many great opportunities for photo ops.

But, as the season changes it is also wonderful time to do something really different for your wedding and making it totally you by being creative with your fall flowers. Choosing flowers in season and locally is also making a fashion statement by being a sustainable bride.

It says you care about the planet in a big way and is another way to make fashion fun.

What you choose to show your style for your wedding says a lot about you, every choice you make.

Alisha chose Scarborough Farm for her wedding flowers.

Alisha and the love of her life Troy spend much of their time on water on their boat named at last so choosing an earth friendly florist she says just came naturally to her.

“Alisha gave us the freedom to be creative,” Kathy York of Scarborough Farm shares. Scarborough Farm tries to do everything they can not to use chemicals in their fields choosing to grow companion planting that protect each other in their flower beds to protect the pollinators. Like planting marigolds alongside other plants.

Kathy mixed the Alisha’s favorite color orange by using orange palm shaped Dahlias which are in season in the fall along with herbs, sweet Annie, mahogany hibiscus, scented geraniums. We also used dried wheat.

Blue is Troy’s favorite color, so Kathy added it as an accent with ribbon in the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Kathy wrapped each wedding bouquet in organic burlap and added a touch of lace.

She also included little round red globe amaranth mums and wine corks.

As a photographer, I always can tell Scarborough Farm wedding flowers because of the way the flowers arrive.

They always come in a pretty basket that is a little different for each bride along with a personal handwritten note.

It just makes everything feel a little more special.

And that’s the way a wedding should be right?

Paying attention to the little things is a very important part of making a wedding special.