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Enjoy the moments of your wedding

As wedding photographers we see a lot of weddings.

We are madly in love, and we want more than anything to help you enjoy the moment at your wedding.

Whenever we see a wedding couple take a private walk together for the first time I am reminded how it felt when we first said I do.

We felt such joy coming back down the aisle excitement and happiness on our wedding day.

If I could only give couples one piece of advice, it would be to take a short walk together.

Plan this time as a very special time just as you would your cake cutting, or first dance, but this moment is just for you.

Imagine your wedding walk ahead of time, visualize it.

Is it under a tree or around a corner? Is is a wedding walk by the water. This moment is just yours. Don’t let anyone follow you.

During this time together take a deep breath together and breathe, really breathe.

A few minutes alone can be your most enjoyable time of the day and one of the things you will remember most.

Put your phone away and forget everything except feeling exactly the way you feel right now.

Be present and notice the way she looks at you, and the way he strokes your hair.

The way he touches your hand, and how that feels. Perhaps the sun warms your face. Notice his dimples or how you fit together.

Think about how the air feels, is there a cool breeze or a squirrel hoping in a tree. Lock these moments and memories up in your heart forever.

Taking the time to do this can take you on your wedding day from a fast paced race, that feels like go, go, go, to feeling like your real life very own fairy tale.

Plan this moment ahead of time with the intention this is something you will always take time to do for each other as a couple plan to enjoy the moments

Decide when where and how you will do this for each other before your wedding and make it an important part of your planning.

Think about where you will go and plan this time out, indoors outdoors and a rain plan.

Let your friends and family know you will be taking this special time just for you and ask the not to interrupt you.

During your walk think about everything that brought you to this day.

Reflect on the butterflies you feel right now, laugh, cry, and hug maybe even have a little wine.

Tell each other how you feel and plan to say something to your spouse you know they will cherish and be inspired by.

This is also a great time to exchange very small gifts you can keep in your pocket or love notes.

Make it simple but make it count.

This small gift of time putting each other first will set the stage for your life together

This is the person you will fight with, the person you will grow with.

Her or she will be your comfort when you need it the most. Notice and appreciate them for who they are.

Thank them for being in this journey with you and be happy together. Start with a spirit of gratefulness.

Taking time for each other on your wedding day also sets the stage for how you will live your life with each other.

Making time for each other first is important and helps you to keep a strong bond.

I’ll never forget our first walk on a cold winter day and the way we felt, like school kids coming out of the little chapel where we said I do.

I think about these memories every time I see a couple take their first walk together and how important this moment and time is.

On our wedding day, a little mini blizzard arrived. I had to have the sleeveless gown with the flowing white scarf.

I also remember Jay picking me up carrying me in the snow because I had to have the cute open toe shoes and had not planned for snow.

So cold that day, but we didn’t feel a thing except the joy of us being together. It was as if time had stopped.

Luckily for us we had and amazing photographer who helped us remember our day.

Welcoming fall

My Husband Jay got this shot of Becca and Vinny on their wedding day,the other day, always my hero, he’s deadly with a Nikon 300 2.8

much love Jax

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