14 helpful tips for new brides and grooms that may turn you into a long married couple from Maryland destination wedding photographers

Interested in becoming an old married couple?  Still a young bride and groom?  Follow these simple tips and transform yourself from blushing bride and groom to celebrating 10 or 15 (or even 20 years) of marriage before you know it!


Never stop writing love letters

The power of a simple handwritten note cannot be overstated.  It’s like a magic wand.

Call each other Mr. and Mrs. from time to time

For example, “Welcome home Mrs. Smith…” or “Don’t you look handsome Mr. Brown.”  Or call each other in the middle of the day to simply say I love you Mrs. insert your last name here…

Make a love jar together

Find a great jar to recycle. Cut out images from magazines get some Elmer’s glue and put photos of things you want to do and wishes of destinations or places you want to go together. Each of you do one for 14 days. At the end of 14 days pull one out a week and if you can do it together some time that week. If you can’t do it that week put it back in the jar and think of something spontaneously you can do right then each of you put an idea out there and then decide which thing you want to do.

Tell your spouse one nice thing a day of something you like about them and make it a habit.

If you do it at the same time each day it will be easy to just become a part of your relationship.

Create traditions you both can look forward to, for example, always making cookies together on Valentine’s day or your wedding anniversary.

You can even experiment and come up with your own super-secret couples’ recipe that you sometimes share with others. But only if you feel like sharing with others.

Exercise together! Find some form of exercise you do together each day even if it is 5 minutes.

Experiment with different things you both might like, Couples yoga, Tai chi, or maybe even just a short walk.

Get professional photos done every anniversary close to the date you got married.

If you can do them with the same photographer who shared your day. Be sure to have your photographers print some for you or better yet every year create an anniversary book with memories from that year. Photos are good for your relationship and having them in your home to remember hellos you stay connected. You can even plan a year ahead and do a destination anniversary shoot every year bringing the same photographer or photographers with you. The images will reflect your love over the years and be a beautiful heirloom.

Learn how to fight fair…

Face it, all couples have disagreements. Practice listening to each other and work hard to learn how to listen. Listening is an acquired skill.  Understanding each other is an acquired skill and takes time to perfect. We have been together for 20 years and we are still learning.

Learn how to budget and save together.

If this does not come easy for you, develop a relationship with a financial planner or take a course.

Try new things – try one new thing a month intentionally.

It can be as simple as trying a new recipe and cooking together. The point is to try something or do something you have never done together before. Go to a new restaurant or get a map and flip a coin and go to a town randomly together on a road trip.


Turn your phones off! Completely unplug at the same time every day to spend quality uninterrupted time together. It can be dinner time or no phones after a certain time in the evening to enjoy each other and just be.

Touch each other often

Make a habit of touching each other every time one of you walks by, or are near each other.

Find a mission or cause together

Find something you both care about and can support together. It can be an environmental cause like helping birds or animals in your community, it could be raising funds for a children’s charity. You could read to kids at your local library or visit senior citizens in a local nursing home. You could also go big and oppose pipelines together. The point is a common mission binds you.


Finally, this should perhaps be first each day when you wake up. Keep a gratefulness journal next to your bed. Each morning look into the other persons eyes and tell the other person something you are grateful for in life and in them. It starts your day on a positive note in general towards each other and the world. Writing it down helps you remember. These journals will become priceless to you later. Keep them in the same place and write in them every day.


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