One of the most popular photography styles for weddings is documentary. When done properly, Documentary photography is a style that captures candid moments and emotions without overtly posing or directing the subjects. A documentary wedding photographer aims to tell the story of the wedding day as it unfolds, with all its details, surprises, and nuances. Documentary photography can be beneficial to a bride for several reasons.

First, it can reduce the stress and pressure of having to pose for and endless list of formal portraits, which can take up a lot of time and energy. For example, a bride who chooses documentary photography can spend more time with her family and friends and enjoy the natural flow of the day.

Second, it can capture the authentic and natural expressions of the bride and her guests, which in turn reflect the personality and mood of the wedding. For instance, a bride who opts for this style of photography can have photos that show her genuine happiness, excitement, and love, as well as the reactions of her guests to the speeches, dances, and cake cutting.

Third, it can create a unique and memorable album that showcases the wedding, rather than just a series of posed shots.  The wedding couple who selects documentary photography can have an album that tells a story of their wedding day, from the preparations to the ceremony to the reception, with all the highlights and unexpected moments included. Documentary photography is a great choice for brides and grooms who want to enjoy their wedding day without worrying about how they look in front of the camera, and who want to preserve the memories of their special day in a realistic, unforced and artistic way.