Top 3 Destination Wedding Spots according to Southern Maryland Wedding Photographers, Jax Photography

Destination weddings are more popular than ever this year. Having a destination wedding is a wonderful excuse to pull your family and favorite friends together for the celebration of a lifetime. Because we’ve traveled with couples around the world to shoot their sweetest wedding ceremony moments and engagements, we can be a great resource for our couples as they make this decision.  It’s been nothing but a pleasure, and with destination weddings on the rise, we want to encourage more couples to explore the sensational experience of an overseas or a great USA vacation spot romance! Because of our many years of experience, you don’t have to plan it alone either, we are there to help you.

For starters, we’ve picked three beautiful locations, each whimsical in their own magical ways, to inspire and excite you to help you plan your very own spot for your destination wedding! We hope it encourages you to dream big. Your next step? call us. In addition, a destination wedding puts you already in the perfect place for an extended honeymoon. And you will already have your photographers with you so we can help you create some amazing art for you home from your adventure.


Bali is the ultimate blend of adventure and beauty. The Indonesian island is lush, green, and wonderfully sunny. In addition, the country has a large dedicated fanbase of yogis and meditation-lovers, so peace, relaxation, and tranquility are easy to find. Sweeping ocean views and brilliantly colored skies make it a paradise you’ll never forget! The best time to travel to Bali is from April to December (the dry months).

What you’ll love:

If you’re a water baby, you’ll love the snorkeling, swimming, and tucked-away watering holes Bali offers. As a bonus, the warm, humid air is like a free facial. It will cleanse your skin and leave a luminous glow behind – perfect for all your pictures!

What your guests will love:

Bali has a lower cost of living than the US, so your friends and family can enjoy shopping and dining on a smaller budget. For the adventurous Animal lovers, Bali is home to tigers, orangutans, and many other exotic species. They might even witness the ever-famous Komodo dragon!


If you’re looking for outstanding wedding photos well worth the space of an entire living room wall, Greece is certainly one of the most beautiful backgrounds you could opt-in for. Stunningly bright white dwellings clustered into hillside villages offer a breathtaking contrast to the blue Mediterranean sea below. The locals tend to be quite friendly, so your wedding will surely garner a lot of excitement as they hear of your event! The best time to travel is mid April to November. May and September are the quietest months.

What you’ll love:

It’s hard to ignore the romantic opportunities Greece bestows upon its visitors. Sneak away for a couples boat ride to the various islands or stay in a secluded villa by the sea to capture a few extra moments alone. Pack sundresses and floppy hats for picturesque walks in Santorini.

What your guests will love:

Mediterranean cuisine is universally loved for its light, bouncy flavor profiles. Think warm, breezy nights spent sampling homemade hummus, spanakopita, and deliciously fresh salads. More adventurous guests can take advantage of the world-renowned snorkeling scene.


London is like no other city; nested into the deep fog of England, its skyline sparkles and twinkles from a distance. Cozy shops and restaurants tucked away off cobbled streets are made even more romantic with London’s well-known rain. The rainy season doesn’t last all year, though. If it’s not your cup of tea you can opt-in for a summer wedding outdoors on any of the rolling hills just outside the city. My favorite time of the year there is April and November.

What you’ll love:

There is shopping aplenty in London: local boutiques, name-brand department stores, and vintage options galore. London has some of the best open-air markets in the world. As a result, London is a great place to buffer up your post-honeymoon wardrobe with unique pieces no one from home will have ever seen!

What your guests will love:

Your wedding party will have no shortage of fun, group excursions. Keep things simple with wine and appetizers in the evening at any of London’s most popular restaurants, or go all-in on a late night with an energizing concert at Wembley Stadium. If your guests appreciate the darker side of London’s history, Jack the Ripper tours are offered, too!

In planning a destination wedding, there is no wrong location. Every place in the world offers a unique experience and its own beautiful setting. No matter what destination you choose for your own spectacular wedding getaway, Jax will be right there to support you the whole way through!

Jax Destination Wedding packages include an engagement shoot, wedding shoot, “day-of” planning, styling, website timeline, checklist, and printed custom album to safe keep all your pictures! We also include an afterglow shoot where you can continue the romance on a day of your honeymoon. We will prescout for you and take you to some of the world’s most beautiful spots, we’ll even pack you a picnic. To discuss options and start planning your wedding adventure contact us today!

Are you thinking of a destination wedding? Where would your dream getaway be? Let us know!