How will you remember your love story?

You found the man of your dreams, the perfect dress, you styled your wedding from top to bottom, and it is so you.  Your photo love story awaits!

You found the best wedding photographers near me, photographers who truly get you, and they created the most beautiful images together with you.

Once that dinner’s over, the cake has been eaten, and the music has stopped playing; the guests have all gone home, and your dress is tucked away, where will your love story make it’s home?  We are huge proponents of the PRINTED ALBUM.

The most notable and obvious answer is in a beautiful wedding album one that is also uniquely you and one of a kind.

If you are thinking about forgoing having an album, know that a lot of effort and work goes into creating an album, your photo love story.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your images on a hard drive, CD or Ipad .  or WORSE

Because your photo love story, as a wedding album, is something you can touch, feel, hold in your hand it becomes something magical.

It is a real, tangible, printed representation of all your planning, love, and every decision you made along the way.

It holds the memories you saw and felt and the ones that only your photographers noticed for you.

Like the way he looked at you when he placed your beautiful wedding ring on your hand.

Don’t leave to chance your images standing the test of time on a hard drive or in the cloud.   Scrolling through your wedding photography on your phone isn’t optimal.

Want to see what a beautiful album looks like and how it makes you feel?