Custom Wedding Albums help your memories come to life

Seeing a wedding photography album come to life for the first time is something pretty special. Experience lets me know that when I place it in their hands, it will come to life for them.  I love the way a new album sounds, smells, and feels. I also love hearing people sigh a little when they touch it and say oh this is so nice.

When we share a couples album for the first time it is just the beginning and there is something magical knowing what it means to our couple their families and if they are lucky their children and their children’s children.

I think about how quickly time passes.   I think  about how they will look back and remember that it rained on their wedding day and it didn’t matter one bit.   I got to hear her mom say some day your children will look back at these and see the love the two of you have together.  They will also know how you always made the best out of everything, seeing the cup as half full. I know seeing and holding their album will grow in value to them over time. This is what it is all about. I also love seeing people’s faces so happy when they see a brief moment and it says everything about their relationship with someone they love. That moment with mom or dad or their best friend. It’s everything just everything about what we do.

As time goes by, and new years come and go, our job is to help you remember.

Our couples will remember moments that are just as special to us, like riding in their grandparents car, a car they bought together and have kept since the 60s and grandpa kissing the brides hand as she bride hopped in and they drove them to their reception. I’ll also never forget seeing grandma hop in, and for a moment one moment, I got to see how she must have been when she was a young girl. I also said to myself she is still a hot chick.

I also know that there will be hard times too, and their album will comfort them during those times.

Printed images they hold will bring them back to feel closer to each other and their families and friends.

As time passes, they will grow together, watch each other change, be challenged, have a lot more smiles and will see each other slowly turn grey.

Many of you, you know who you are; We have been there with you and watched as your children have grown and have seen a few grey hairs start of our own with you.

To our new couples some who we have just met and new couples we have yet to meet it is one of our deepest honors to be chosen to share this special time with you, to share in the intimate moments of life that mean so very much to you.

We can’t wait to place your beautiful album in your hands for the first time and see and hear all it mean to you. With love, you are, and will always be, in our hearts. Happy New Year.

May your love grow!

Without a doubt, being with Andie and her mom seeing their faces light up and how happy they were when we delivered their album is one of my favorite memories last year. It is one of the moments that means the most to me.