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It's the little things that matter most


US! I love us! And we love photography.

Time goes so fast. This is us on our wedding day! 15 years ago. Jay carried me across the threshold. I’ll never forget the way we felt. So happy, so giddy, so in love! Through the years we have grown and changed together and I still get those butterflies when I see him come down the stairs for a wedding dressed in a sharp suit, or on off days sweat pants. I love how this image still makes me feel and helps me remember that day. We have a print of it in our home in our bedroom.

There was a blizzard on our wedding day and we eloped. At the last minute, I decided I didn’t want Jay to see me and I will never forget hiding in the car ducking down behind the steering wheel. There is the cutest image of me with the most joyous smile on my face our photographer snuck up to get. Our photographer was a real documentary photographer just like us and really paid attention to our story. I have that moment in an printed image so I can remember the excitement of how I felt and who I was then. Years have gone by we have grown and changed over the years together. Most of all I remember how happy we were on our wedding day.  I also remember how cold it was, how excited I was and yes being a little nervous. Experiencing prints, images in my home bring me back on the days I forget. We all know there will be good and hard days days in life.

There are certain things I have learned and know.

1. Prints mean everything to me.

2. A wedding can be planned in 8 days and be perfect. Like anything else it is all in how you look at it and choose to see things.

3. My photography is and has always been how I relate to the world it has gotten me through the hardest things in my life like my mom passing away and has been there on the happiest.

4. Our photographs help us remember.

I’ll never forget our wedding day taking images of each other and of our photographer taking pictures of us taking pictures of him. Our memories of our wedding day were made so much better he was there. I think about this every time I meet or talk to a new couple and share their day. Thanks Gerald.

I’ll also never forget my dear friends at the Associated Press who were there for me early in my career in DC and on my wedding day calling me out of bed the next morning on our honeymoon to during the sniper shootings. Hurry back Jay said with a smile on his face. There is something magical about being truly loved and understood and being around people who get you, both in love and friendship.

My images that day, on my honeymoon, included an empty shoe, some blood, yellow crime tape, and a beat up hotel in the back ground. Not so romantic but a memory I’ll never forget. Part of my story. Sharing this with you I think shares some perspective of what my photography means to me and who I am as a shooter. How dedicated I am to the art of photography.  I tend to remember my life in images and images and in the prints we create. I have the strong belief that my work is not complete until I hand a client a print or album and they experience that moment come to life again for the first time.

I’m always looking at light or things in a different way and looking for something to say in my images.

How I feel about photography:

Photography is art and is a part, who I am. It has a really big peace of my heart. Creating prints and having an image come to life in prints and albums is an important part of our art and what we do as artists and historians. Through photography history is remembered, change is created, and how people relate to each other and remember is shared.

I truly believe photography has the power to keep love strong and change the world. It has helped people overcome obstacles they did not think they could.

It inspires and helps us all and helps us all and helps remember good and to learn from each other, and the past.

I love sharing the part of me that is a photographer, the part of myself with others that shows people how beautiful they are and what is real.


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