Involving Dad on your wedding day

As an ode to all the wonderful dads out there, we wanted to put together a list of ways each bride (and groom!) can honor their dad during their wedding day. Fathers have witnessed the best and worst of us as we navigate our way through childhood, adolescence, and finally adulthood.  Sometimes as a father of the bride, he is continuing to the best and worst of us as well. Every bride reserves the right to beam with excitement at the thought of getting married. On Father’s Day, we offer a gentle reminder that what is a thrilling new adventure for many brides is often a bittersweet end-of-era moment for many dads.

Read below for 6 sweet ways you can incorporate your dad, the Father of the Bride, in your wedding and show him how much he means to your world!

  1. Offer the Father of the Bride A Token

Perhaps the most traditional way you can say “thank you” for a lifetime of unconditional love and support is with a small but mighty token of your appreciation. Depending on your dad’s style, peruse for gifts that will be meaningful to him but that he can also easily incorporate into his life. A sporty watch with an engraved back, a custom-made mix album of your favorite daddy-daughter songs, or a vintage-edition book are all some unique and lasting ways to show your love!


  1. Pay Homage to the Past

If you think a gift is the best way to express your gratitude to dad, take a trip back to the past! Think of your old shared pastimes, favorite hobbies, or beloved movies and stories to create a list of sentimental ideas he’s sure to love. It can be fun to DIY for these gifts since the purpose is to remind him of a time when you were young and relied on his knowledge of life to get you through anything. Construct an old model airplane, repackage a favorite toy like new, or transfer an old VHS movie to a DVD for high-quality viewing.


  1. Ask the Father of the Bride for A Favor

There are many ways to show your father you love him outside of gift-giving. For many dads, the transition from being “most-needed” to “call on the weekends” can be a lonely and bittersweet road. During your wedding planning, think of ways you can use your dad’s unique expertise to help you with the ceremony, organization, budgeting, and more. It may seem like a favor to you, but the simple gesture of reaching out to him for his help will mean the world to him!


  1. Incorporate His Opinion

As a soon-to-be bride, we certainly understand how important it is to have every detail squared away. You want everything to go just right, according to your dreams! In the midst of planning, incorporating your dad as a go-to on your sounding board will show him that you still value his opinion after all these years. Even more, it will make him feel more included in the most special event of your life. You’ll have an excuse for a few extra phone calls to him and maybe even some daddy-daughter wedding planning lunch dates!


  1. Make a New Commitment

A special way to reinforce the bond you share with your father is through commitment. Find a way to express your desire for quality time, communication, and support in the next phases of life. This could be a special letter you gift your dad or all of your parents on the day of your wedding day or an intimate exchange that happens during the reception or ceremony. Many families have more than one dad or mom and making them feel special in your own way is SO meaningful to them. No one should be left out on your wedding day. The most important element of this gesture is that your dad doesn’t feel replaced or excluded from your new life. The next chapter for you both is just beginning – and expanding!


  1. Lead By His Example

Most dads take tremendous pride in the love they feel for their families. Because of this, the best way to honor dad can be with the simple tradition of following in his footsteps. By approaching your wedding with an open heart and a humble mind, you can honor your father’s hard work and the devotion he showed you. He may not always have had all the answers, but he always did the best he could. Be sure he knows you saw he tried, and love him for who he was and is, and is now becoming.  There’s no better feeling for a dad than knowing that he raised his daughter well enough to do it on her own, that she is strong, and knows in her heart she can do anything. And, that he is appreciated for always doing his best. This isn’t a gift, but a subtle tribute that he’s sure to notice year after year!

Just One EXTRA

P.S.  Besides the father daughter dance, take a moment to pull your dad on the dance floor so he has something really fun to remember from your special day.  Maybe he has a soft spot for 80’s hairband music….   Make sure he has something fun to remember in addition to those moments you know he’ll get choked up.  Fun memories are the things you and him will remember the most.  During this fun dance tell him how fun and great he is, or say “hey dad this one is for you”. He will never forget it and neither will you.

How are you celebrating your dad this Father’s Day?

There are many ways to show you care! Email us or contact us for more tips or to hear about other special ways we’ve included amazing dads in our wedding shoots!