Investment in Wedding Photography (or How Much Does all of this Cost?)

Great story telling wedding photography is a collaborative effort between the artist and the subject. Together, we work to create something beautiful and amazing. As artists, we create handmade printed art work for your home that fits your lifestyle. Each image, and each piece of art we create, is as unique as you are.


Wedding photography costs

Someone once asked…

How much is a photographer for a wedding?

JAX wedding photography packages can be configured to fit your unique needs. Our starting cost of 5295 includes a get to know you/engagement shoot (so our first shooting experience with you is BEFORE the wedding), up to 9 hours of Jacqueline and Jay’s unique coverage on the “day of”, your wedding, and a custom printed 30 page Italian Wedding album. With JAX full collections, most of our clients invest between 6595 to 9000.  Some determining factors?

  • The size and scope of the wedding or custom event.  Smaller elopements are not the same as elaborate 350 guest DC Hotel extravaganzas.
  • Extra stuff…The type of art our couples would like for their homes and families, say parent albums, or several larger display pieces, or high resolution corrected digital file delivery.
  • Occasionally, highly desirable mid-summer and early fall weekend wedding dates, reasonable travel fees, can figure into slightly higher costs.
  • Video.  Ask us about our video add in.

Elopements and full sized ceremonies and receptions

Small elopements and ceremonies locally can begin as low as 1595 weekday coverage.  Full sized local weekend weddings begin at 5295 for a full experience in wedding coaching, styling, photography, art planning, day of coverage, and printed custom art.

tiny Weddings Custom elopement


Because destination wedding pricing, adventure photography, and “other” events all are unique in their nature, therefore are always completely custom.


Upcoming Wedding Dates in 2023 and 2024 are booking fast

If the work is speaking to you, you should call us or text us as soon as you can. We want to be AVAILABLE for you and your wedding date.  In our calendar, wedding dates get booked quickly, and often, far into the future.  We would hate to have you miss out.  As it is YOUR wedding, you should be able to get what you really want.

A deposit of 1/2 is required when the contract is signed, the balance is due 3 weeks BEFORE the wedding date.

We specialize in creating custom printed art and stories for destination weddings, events, and intimate elopements and photo adventures.

We are available for events worldwide.


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FAQ’s about JAX PHOTOGRAPHY and Wedding Photography Packages

How long have you been in the business of professional wedding photography?

Jacqueline and Jay are a husband-and-wife team that has been photographing weddings together since 2003. If you’re keeping score, that’s 20+ years! We both started as NEWS photographers in 1995 (shooting on something called Kodak film…)

Is 'X amount of dollars' alot for a wedding photographer?

It all depends. Being an established studio for many years, (20) we’ve observed photogs on the internet, at wedding shows, trade shows, wedding photography conferences, and often at other weddings. Wedding photographers usually fall into one of three tiers of wedding professionals. The first tier is the usually the lowest price, often the photog is just starting out, may lack confidence, experience, and what we call situational awareness. Those photographers are usually still trying to figure their style out, and are new to this. Here's A BONUS RED FLAG: They will often claim they only shoot available light (TRANSLATION they don’t know how to use flash…). This tier (the sub $2000 range) can and will provide widely inconsistent results, both in what is delivered, and the perceived quality of the work. We have cleaned up many of these new guy messes over our careers. The second tier has photographers who are established in the community and industry. These wedding professionals have a distinct style and an seasoned approach to the job. These photographers often have many years of experience in the wedding arena, are super proficient in the tech stuff, cameras, lighting, posing, and the inner workings of what the wedding experience is all about. They have many glowing testimonials to the quality of their work and the way they carried themselves day-of-the-wedding, an AMAZING web site, and have figured it out as far as being able to do the job and DELIVER amazing results. The production of quality deliverables is usually a pretty decent dividing line between tier one and tier two. These wedding professionals can range from 3000 to 8000. We at Jax Photography find ourselves in this particular tier, with our starting price at the 5295 price point. That price always includes US on your wedding day, a prewedding get to know you photoshoot, and a custom handmade Italian wedding album. There is also a distinct group of photogs who specialize in the over the top, celebrity weddings, with crazy luxury setups. These shooters can command 10000 to just show up. While we don’t normally charge that much, we can see how some professionals in certain situations surely COULD. Again, it all depends…

What are YOUR wedding photography packages?

Our pricing starts at 5295. EVERY wedding is different. A laid-back casual backyard barbeque is not the same as a 350 guest, DC hotel wedding/reception and that’s not the same as a 3 day destination Caribbean weekend elopement. Creating customized wedding packages to meet almost every situation is something that we LOVE working on.