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What’s your wedding photographers’ shooting style?

Shooting all weddings as pure photojournalists. 

This technique isn’t a “flavor-of-the-week” formula that we have recently adopted. We didn’t hear about it at a seminar, and we didn’t copy it from someone else.  We don’t use any other technique other than “wedding photojournalism”. “shooting for story” as opposed to just “getting the group table shots”, or WORSE…”the list”.


We actively look and wait for decisive moments.  We also have enough experience to know that it’s not enough to just document the obvious events of your wedding day, we need to document the emotions, as well.

The way we shoot…almost all of our wedding couples book with us for the way that we shoot, while being ever present and paying attention, we are  unobtrusive.  We don’t need a shot list, it’s true wedding photojournalism.  Found over styled.

Our shooting style is not trendy, NOR it is never going to be full of faked colors and wild overcooked Adobe Photoshop effects. We have always considered ourselves, above anything, to be true professional documentary photographers, photojournalists.  It’s either black and white, OR color.