Happy Halloween! 3 tips for being a magical bride on your wedding day!

To all the Halloween Brides out there!

A little Halloween advice from Jax Photography

The picture story photographers

Plan the timeline of your day

1. Plan the timeline of your day with plenty of space for you and the people that matter most. Think mini massage, a private chef to make you hors d’oeuvres, and time to be creative to play and have fun with your photographers.

Wear comfortable shoes

2. We love fashion. But, happy witches, wear comfortable shoes. Don’t be afraid to out your wedding heals away. We give you permission to wear your favorite “go to” black wedges. You will look  cool. Black is in. If you get new shoes break in a new pair, long before your big day.

Do a walkthrough of your wedding site

3. Do a walkthrough of your wedding site with your photographer. Go to your ceremony site with your photographer and walk where you will be on your wedding day. It will help ease your nerves. Experienced professionals, can give you simple tips to help enhance your images. The more you can visualize what to expect, the more you will relax.

Bonus tip: Take it easy on the booze before your ceremony. Don’t forget, when you are hanging out with your friends, and you are nervous.

Bonus tip 2: Jax Photography always has more wedding tips.

Look for and believe in magic. If you see wonderful, it will be wonderful. Practice before your wedding breathing and intentionally being in the moment, noticing little things will make you smile. If you look for good, you’ll find it.

Love and hugs and Happy Halloween brides and wedding witches! Jax Photography







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