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So, the traditional wedding with every bell, whistle, and bridesmaid and groomsman (plus 1) isn’t exactly… you. Maybe the thought of being the center of attention in front of hundreds of friends makes you feel more anxious than excited. Maybe your perfect image of the beginning of your life together has you imagining you invest those funds on a down payment on your very first home together or a second home in Palm Beach or Costa Rica instead. Or, perhaps you just want to seal the deal with your partner in the most intimate way – while still making it official!  Whatever your own personal reasons for elopement are, we’re here to support you with stellar Elopement Photography!

Elopements have evolved into events just as exquisite and beautiful as weddings in their own right, for different reasons. We know how special these secret, private and romantic ceremonies can be. Elopement Photography should be something you don’t forget about. We’ve come up with a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind as you daydream of your special day!

Elopement Photography by Jax Photography

Set Your Wedding Vision

Eloping still requires its fair share of planning, and consideration. What does an elopement mean to you? Since you’re already opting-out of a traditional wedding, you get free reign to decide what your elopement looks like. Think about which traditions you’d like to keep, (including, of course, Elopement Photography)  and what fun, new twists you’d like to add, and which you’d like to toss.

You’ll want to make your elopement just as meaningful, and totally you, as you would with a traditional wedding. When you close your eyes and imagine your perfect day what do you see?  Are you near a rain forest with the sound of a waterfall behind you barefoot in the grass with the sounds of birds enchanting you? Or are you at the base of an ancient castle with the view of a country side, with a light breeze rustling through the grasses in the distance? Maybe you see yourself on a far off beach with beautiful cliffs, the taste of sea air on your lips and picnic afterwards.  What if you are in a quiet little square at sunrise lined with flower boxes, the smell of fresh bread, surrounded by canals and 300 year old row houses in Amsterdam?

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Set your Boundaries

Do you want guests present? What about your closest family members? Determining who will be present will help you narrow your vision and help you refine your costs. Many brides who elope enjoy using the funds of a full wedding and reception for other things that really matter to them. Instead they choose to add money to their photography, destination, and venue budgets to create the outcome of their dreams. Some even choose to donate to causes that matter to them.

If you’re opting for an extra small ceremony, think about how (and when) to gently let people know they didn’t make the guest list. A personal phone call followed up with a hand-written card can mean the world. Of course, you can order extra photos so your family and friends can drool over the day with you once you’re back from the honeymoon!

Explore Dream Getaways

Once you’ve conjured up an idea of what your elopement will look like, start thinking of where it should take place. The sky’s the limit! Intimate elopements are the easiest way to say “I do” at the destination of your dreams. Your budget has a lot more wiggle room and the likelihood that your small guest list could make the trip goes up. Plus, your destination elopement is the perfect way to start your honeymoon (because who wants to skip that?).

Escaping to elope in a special place, whether a few states away or thousands of miles, guarantees a ceremony you’ll never forget. You’ll have a unique love story to tell for the rest of your lives – and pictures to prove it. Destination elopements for the wedding photographer are an opportunity to create more intimate art that makes you feel deeply. There is nothing more inspiring than capturing two people in love in the world’s most romantic settings.

The best part of destination elopements is that they perfectly reflect your relationship and love style. You can truly relax be present and enjoy your day while we create images for your home that are real, authentic, totally you. No matter what time of year, there is a place that’s perfect for you. If you need recommendations, please contact us for some tips. Jax Photography has experience with travel, elopements, and weddings all around the world!


Hire the Best People for Your Style for Elopement Photography

Larger, traditional weddings tend to blend the wishes of the bride with those of the wedding party and guests, too. Elopements are different: almost everything hinges solely on what style the bride wants to express. This is why it’s super important to have the right professionals for your Elopement Photography on your team.

Everything will be much more intimate and close-knit during the planning and preparation of your elopement. Your visions will rest mostly on what you and your partner so desire for your day. The right team of professionals will make those desires come true.

At Jax Photography, we work with brides so that we intimately know and understand their wishes. Then, we advocate for them and do everything to make them come true – before, during, and after your ceremony. We take the time to get to know each of our brides personally so that they feel completely themselves in front of our cameras. This allows our brides and their guests to feel at ease and uninterrupted throughout their ceremonies.

You’ll want to find professionals who take this same approach for any other services you may need: hair and makeup, catering, dress design, and more.

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When Talking about Elopement Photography, Don’t Skip on Customizations

Perhaps the best perk of eloping, which encompasses all we’ve mentioned, is that everything is customizable. There is no template off which to work; you get to make it up as you go along so that it feels right to you.

Elopements are a great opportunity to dress up some of the more routine aspects of a wedding. You and your partner can write your own vows. Members of your wedding party may recite special readings that represent your relationship. Get creative with dress code, too, such as asking guests to wear all light colors.  Try opting in for a non-traditional colored wedding gown that really pops. Catering the ceremony to blend in with the organic settings of your destination (marrying in a small, breezy hut in Bali, for instance).

Jax Photography understands the need for brides to be able to design the elopement that works best for them. This is why we offer special customizable packages to accommodate the unique needs of all of our brides, especially when it comes to elopement photography. We’ll go anywhere in the world with you (and your family and friends!) to make sure you receive an intimate, personal wedding photography experience like no other.

From the dress to the destination the power is in your hands! Have fun with it, get creative, and don’t be afraid to dream big. This is your elopement, after all!

For questions on destination elopements, please contact us!